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Issuance of recommendation letter for Fishery Products Importation License for Local consumption

Necessary Documents

  1. Application Letter with Company Letter Head
  2. The statement  with company letter head describing that the products from which country will be imported through which country by road or air or sea
  3. The country of origin of the imported fish, sanitary certificate or health certificate, sale contract, pro forma invoice, company incorporation certificate of the imported company, export/import License copy, photo copy of the imported fishery products
  4. To connect with MACCS through online on the arrival of the imported gods and to send the sample fish to the Department of Fisheries for laboratory test.


  1. Applicant submits the application letter with Company Letter Head signed by Managing Director or Director heading to Director General of Department of Fisheries.
  2. The Officer-in-Charge checks whether the submitted documents are complete or not.
  3. If it is complete and it is submitted to the related Director for the issuance of recommendation.
  4. After receiving sign of Director or Director General, the original is sent to the Department of Trade, Ministry of Commerce to be able to issue License and the original and copy are forwarded to the applicant.
  5. Upon receiving the License, the applicant can import the fishery products for local consumption.
  6. The laboratory test result has received, the Department of Fisheries comments on the test report to the Custom Department by MACCS.


  • It shall be charged for laboratory testing.
  • Fees shall depend on the type of test parameters to be tested.
  • MMK 50000 for 5 Micro Biological Test


1 week if the submitted documents are completed.

Place for submission

Department of Fisheries

Signing Status

Official assigned by the Director General


  • The fishery products that cannot be produced in local are prioritized.
  • The applicant must inform the Department of Fisheries on arrival of the imported fishery products.