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Processing of Fishery Products Cold Storage License and Fishmeal Plant License

Necessary Documents

  1. Application Letter with Company Letter Head
  2. Copy of permission from municipal
  3. Copy of Certificate of Incorporation
  4. Recommendation for clearance of tax
  5. Annual  production of last year
  6. Recommendation for responsible area
  7. 2 photos of factory
  8. 2 photos of owner


  1. An applicant submits the necessary documents for Processing of Fishery Products Cold Storage License and Fishmeal Plant License to the Director General of the Department of Fisheries.
  2. The Department of Fisheries checks the submitted documents and if the documents are complete, the License shall be issued.




1 working week if the documents are completed.

Place for submission

Department of Fisheries

Signing Status

Official instead of Director General


  • The license holder must follow the Technical Regulation for Export and Import of Fishery Products.
  • The fishery products specified in the License shall be allowed.
  • The License holder need to comply with the international market standard and specified standards in accordance with the directives by the Department of Fisheries.
  • No other products shall be allowed to process, cold and store except the allowed fishery products.
  • The fisheries products shall be produced according to the Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP)/ HACCP.
  • It shall obey the rules, orders and directives of the relevant authorities especially for fishmeal plant.
  • For Fishmeal Plant, the recommendation letters of the concerned department, township GAD, zone management committee shall be attached.