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Commercial Aquaculture License (Fish/Shrimp)

Necessary Documents

  1. Application Form for Commercial Aquaculture License(Form B)
  2. Information regarding with type of ground or water
  3. Information regarding with land used which already obtained La/Na 39 (attached Form 105)
  4. Sketch Map of fish/Shrimp fingerling culture ground and area 


  1. An applicant submits the necessary documents for applying Commercial Aquaculture License to the State or Region Office of the Department of Fisheries.
  2. The State or Region Office of the Department of Fisheries checks the submitted documents and if the documents are completed, Commercial Aquaculture License shall be issued in accordance with the Aquaculture Law.


License Fees

License fees depend on type of culture system

Extensive system                               300 kyats per acres

Extensive plus system                        300 kyats per acres

Semi-intensive system                      1000 kyats per acres

  • License fees depend on the region for Fish Culture
  1. Yangon and Ayeyarwaddy                 3000 kyats per acres
  2. Sagaing, Bago, Mandalay and Mon  1500 kyats per acres
  3. Other Regions                                    900 kyats per acres
  4. Cage Culture (10x10x10) cubic feet  200 kyats


3 working days if the submitted necessary documents are completed

Place for submission

Township Office of the Department of Fisheries

Signing Status


State or Region Office of the Department of Fisheries


This Commercial Aquaculture License shall be renewed at the Department of Fisheries before the expiry date shown on the License.

This License shall not be concerned with the evidence of the land ownership.

There should not be cultured with disease infected aquatic animals, environmentally negative impact culture system, culture of exogenous aquatic animals which negative impact on indigenous aquatic animals and culture system impact on quality of aquaculture products.