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Ever Green Village (MyaSeinnYaung ) Projet


1.         The project has been implementing from 2014-2015 fiscal year aiming to create job opportunities for the rural peoples, to improve family income and to nourish with food security by doing agriculture and livestock partially.

2.         By the State Fund, Department of Rural Development is implementing this project to convey with the people centered approach in line with the Rural Development Strategic Framework, to fulfill the needs of rural poor people being difficult to do the incoming jobs and needing the soft loan or without interest according to the survey conducted by the cooperation of LIFT Fund and SPPRG.


3.         The main objectives are as follow;

                       (a)       Tocreat job opportunity and to increase family income in the rural areas,

(b)       To become sufficient in food supplies and nourished by doing the livestock farming with their own capacity,

(c)       To increase the productivity in the rural areas by the development of infrastructure in the rural areas,

(d)       To successfully tackle the needs and difficulties in village by collecting the interest by committee agreement,

(d)       To improve the performance of the rural people and to grow the strong communities that can respond the unexpected disasters in strong manner.

Project Area

4.         The project has been implementing in beneficial villages (7790), (6497) units within (288) Townships, (70) Districts from Nay Pyi Taw Council, (14) States and Regions and (6) Self-Administrative Areas.

Project Period

5.         The condition of this project implemented from 2014-2015 Fiscal Year is as below;

            (a)       2014-2015 Fiscal Year, (1450) villages,

            (b)       2015-2016 Fiscal Year, (3000) villages,

            (c)       2016-2017 Fiscal Year, (2107) villages.

Budget Requirement

6.         From 2014-2015 Fiscal Year to 2016-2017 Fiscal Year, implementing with the total amount of Kyats (196.71) Billion, Kyats (3) Million for one village.

Main Characteristics

7.         The main characteristics of MSY Project are;

  1. Revolving fund is regarded communal owned fund.
  2. Principal and Interest have to be settled to village committee.
  3. Village community have the authority to decide the interest rate and overall management.
  4. The net income can be used for village development activities in consultation with villager.
  5. Term of interest payment depends on the nature of works.
  6. Extend of poverty can be reduced through generation of income earning activities.
  7. Democratic principle can be exercised at the village level.
  8. Transparency and accountability will be in place.
  9. Encourage the habit of nurturing gender equality.
  10. Develop the culture of partnership with between village community and government department and this enhance capacity of the villagers.


8.         By arranging the Revolving Fund, to improve the family income, following advantages will be enjoyed-

  1. Increase income of the grass-root level families,
  2. Creating job opportunity and technological transfer for the residents,
  3. Development in the rural production business,
  4. Opportunities to work/carry out small and medium enterprises,
  5. Acquiring good practices of democratically cooperation and improvement of performance for the rural residents,
  6. Development in transparency and accountability,
  7. Increasing in Knowledge ,
  8. Improvement women's cooperation,
  9. Implementation the reports from the base and Community Driven Development Project.


9.         All the residents of the villages have to the right to fully own the fund and need to assist in administering and long lasting of their welfares. In every green village, the village green fund administration committees will be founded to administer the fund, to authorize the loan, to calculate the interest, to recollect the loan, to make settlement and to audit the financial statement.

            As the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Irrigation is responsible to implement the MSY project, the central committee for the implementation of MSY project will be established to support the administration, financial and technological assistance. The central committee will continue taking responsibility to administer for the extended 10,000 villages.

            The followings will be prioritized although the businesses are not limited because the types of businesses are different depending on the regions.

            1.    Installation of electrical power supply system with solar energy,

            2.         Economically viable cattle farming (cow, pig, goat, chicken, duck) within own capacity,

            3.         Economically viable fishery and fish farming within own capacity,

            4.         Agricultural business,

            5.         Rural production business,

            6.         Other businesses to earn living.

Participants in Selecting Project Villages

10.       The project villages must be selected by leading Township Officer, Department of Rural Development and –

            (a)       Nay Pyi Taw Council, State and Regional Government,

            (b)       The representatives of each and every parliamentary.

            (c)       Relevant Organizations.

            (d)       Authorized Persons from the Departments of District and Township levels.

Selection of the project village

11.       In consultation with local communities, members of the parliaments and related institutional bodies, the State and Regional Governments  haveselected beneficiary villagesin accordance with the following selection criteria:

  1. Poor village
  2. Agriculture and livestock farming ability (having potential for subsistence and commercial farming)
  3. Rule of law (free of illegal alcohol shop, gambling and drug abuse)
  4. Willingness of villagers
  5. Smooth Transportation and peaceful territory.
  6. At least (80) households (or) more than (80). (if there is less than 80, near villages that are easy to govern must be organized)