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AMD has carried out the farm mechanization services (tractor, combine harvester hiring services) on land preparation, transplanting, harvesting and drying in paddy cultivation aiming to enhance the farmer's economy and social livelihood by increasing high quality products and mitigating losses.

(a) Regular Services

1. Plowing with tractors

2. Harvesting and threshing by combine harvesters

3. Planting by rice transplanters

(b) Services provided by New Technology

1. Land preparation by Sub Soiler

2. Land preparation by Reversible Mould Board Plough

3. Sugarcane Planting by Sugarcane Planter

4. Sowing by Seeder

5. Corn Harvesting by Corn Harvester with Tractor mounted

6. Corn harvesting and threshing by combine harvester attached with corn kit

7. Straw Binding by Baler

8. Paddy drying by Paddy Dryer


Necessary Data to Access the Service

(a)     Name of service to be performed

(b)     Name of Farmer

(c)      Contact Phone Number

(d)     Father’s name

(e)      National Registration Card No.

(f)      Village

(g)     Village Tract

(h)     Township

(i)      Field No (Kwin No.)/ Field Name

(j)      Holder No.

(k)      Acre/ Acres to be performed

(l)      Signature (or) form of left thumb

(m)    Recommendation of the relevant village administrator


Repair and Maintenance services for farmer-owned farm machineries

 As the amount of farm machinery in the possession of farmers' increases day by day, it is necessary to properly maintain and repair these machines and implements.

          Agricultural Mechanization Department performing these repair and maintenance tasks of private owned farm machineries at main repair workshops, medium repair workshops and agricultural mechanization stations in various regions.