Our Vision

1.       Our vision is to improve socio-economic life of rural populace through undertaking sustainable rural development measures.

Our Mission

2.       Our mission is

To improve socio-economic life of rural people through providing basic social infrastructure and enhancing livelihoods and income generation activities in rural areas,
To develop the capacity of DRD staff and rural people, and to conduct research and development activities for shaping sustainable development,
To ensure that rural people can benefit from improved access to basic social and economic infrastructure as well as services through community driven approach.

Our Strategy

3.       In order to enable rural communities to manage their own destiny for combating poverty, and to enhance all stakeholder participation in implementing sustainable rural development activities, the Department developed, in consultation with both national and international experts, The Rural Development Strategic Framework. In line with the strategic framework, the following 5-grand strategies are being employed in every development endeavors:

Rural Development Strategic Framework

Our Policy

4.       Policies are:

To construct farm-to-market rural roads which can support development of agriculture sector and to undertake rural water supply activities and off-grid rural electrification measures for the socio-economic development of rural people,
To ensure rural infrastructure development through people-centered approach,
To provide financial services as Revolving Fund and Block Grant for rural people’s livelihood and income generation activities, and sustainable financing,
To conduct livelihood-support trainings and capacity building trainings to produce skilled labors in rural areas,
To construct rural housings and fly-proof latrines for disaster-affected rural people in emergency situation,
To ensure capacity development of DRD staff, good governance mechanism and development of researchactivities and
To create partnership with all stakeholders in undertaking poverty reduction and rural development activities.

Our Activities

5.       Activities are:

To undertake rural water supply activities and environmental cleaning activities,
To carry out off-grid rural electrification activities,
To implement the construction of farm-to-market rural roads and maintenance activities,
To undertake the construction activities of rural housings,
To set up revolving fund for providing job opportunities to rural people and ensuring the availability of business opportunities to rural people, (Evergreen Village Development Project)
To conduct capacity building trainings and vocational trainings for the skill development of rural people andto assist in providing local products with market linkages,
To undertake small-scale infrastructure development activities, income generation activities and livelihood enhancement activities for paving the way for the participation of rural people,
To assist in building resilient communities,
To cooperate with stakeholders for improving health, education and socio-economic development of rural people,
To conduct monitoring, evaluation and reporting on the progress of rural development activities,
To undertake various research activities on rural development,

(12)    To carry out other tasks assigned by the Ministry.

6.       Structure of DRD

1       The Department of Rural Development (DRD), under the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Irrigation, is the government body which takes responsible for formulation and implementation of rural development works across the country. DRD head office is located at office (36), Pannita Street in Nay Pyi Taw and her branch offices are speared throughout the country. On another word, DRD set up a branch office in each and every township.

2       At present, under the control and supervision of the Department of Rural Development, there are 17 State and Region Department of Rural Development including Nay Pyi Taw Union Territory, 73 Offices of District Department of Rural Development, 1office of  Naga Self-Administered Zone Department of Rural Development and 291 Offices of Township Department of Rural Development.

3      The Department of Rural Development (Head Office) is established by organizing 8 divisions and 18 sub-divisions as follows;

(a)    Administration and Human Resource Division

                             (aa) Administration Sub_ Division

                             (bb) Human Resource Sub_ Division

(b)       Planning and International Relation Division

                    (aa) Planning Sub_ Division

                   (bb) International Relation Sub_ Division

(c)       Finance Division

                              (aa) Auditing and Accounting (National)Sub_ Division

                             (bb) Auditing and Accounting (International) Sub-Division

                   (cc) Budget Sub_ Division

(d)       Poverty Reduction and Livelihood Support Division

                   (aa)    Livelihood Support Sub_ Division

                   (bb)    Poverty Reduction Sub_ Division

(e)       Monitoring and Evaluation and Infrastructure Development Division

(aa)    Monitoring and Evaluation and Management and Information Sub_ Division

                   (bb)    Infrastructure Development Sub_ Division

(f)        Rural Water Supply Division

(aa) Water Supply Sub_ Division

(bb) Groundwater Supply Sub_Division

                   (cc) Planning and Research Sub_ Division

                   (g)   Rural Electrification Division

                             (aa) Planning and Technology Sub_ Division

                             (bb) Project Implementation Sub_ Division

                   (h)      Procurement and Logistic Division

                             (aa)    Logistic and Vehicles Sub_ Division

                   (bb)    Procurement Sub_ Division


Fig:1 Organization Structure of the Department of Rural Development

Location of DRD

၇။      Head Quarter of the DRD is located near Office No.(36),Ministry ofAgriculture,Livestock and Irrigation, Nay Pyi Taw. The address of the official website is www.drdmyanmar.org ,www.drd.gov.mm .Social media is “ကျေးလက်ဒေသဖွံ့ဖြိုးတိုးတက်ရေးဦးစီးဌာန”“https://www.facebook.com/DepartmentOfRuralDevelopmentHQOfficialPage/”and everyone can visit that website and social media  to know about the DRD.



























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