Brief History

The Yezin Agricultural University is the only center of higher learning in agriculture in the Union of Myanmar. At first,

agriculture research station was established to produce rice seeds in the field to the south of Bodigone quarter,

Mandalay in 1905. In 1938, the Agriculture College, Mandalay became a constituent college of the University of

Rangoon. In 1947, the college was transformed to the status of Faculty of Agriculture in Mandalay under the

administration of the University of Rangoon. In 1958, Mandalay Intermediate College became a separate university

and Agriculture Faculty was under Mandalay University. The Faculty of Agriculture was further upgraded to a separate

University known as the Institute of Agriculture in 1964. Due to the expansion program, the Institute was moved from

Mandalay to Yezin in 1973. The Institute of Agriculture was renamed as the "Yezin Agricultural University" in 1997.

In 2006, there were seven campuses namely; rice crop specialization (Hmawbi, Yangon), plant protection and

horticultural crop production (Hlegu, Yangon), perennial crop plantation (Pha-auk, Mon), sugar crops specialization

(Nyaung-pin-thar, Bago), fiber crops specialization (Lun-gyaw, Mandalay), pulses and oil seeds crop specialization

(Magway) and hill side farming specialization (Aung-ban, Shan) since the university had to diversify the courses

specializing in the production of a particular crop. At present, Yezin Agricultural University offers eleven major subjects

for final year students in the undergraduate courses and post graduate diplomas, master and doctoral courses to

reach the university aim.

University Administration

The supervision of YAU, its policies and affairs are carried out by the Administrative andAcademic Body of the University.

All actions of these bodies are subjected to the final approval by the Ministry of Agriculture and Irrigation and Ministry of

Education, the Central Academic Council and the Central Administrative Council of the Universities and Colleges of the

Republic of the Union of Myanmar. The University affairs are administered by the Rector and two Pro-Rectors with the

assistance of the Academic Body and Administrative Body of the University. The professional staff members of the

university consist of one Rector and two Pro-rectors with the academic and administrative staff.

The affairs of YAU's outreached campuses are administered by the Principals under the control of Rector and Pro-Rectors of YAU.


  1. To produce high qualified agriculturists for the development of agriculture sector and rural areas.

  2. To be a center of excellence for agricultural technology and innovation.


          To be a prime mover of agricultural and rural development in Myanmar through human resource development and

          ational supplier of scientific knowledge and technological innovation


(1) Teaching

(2) Research

(3) Agricultural Extension

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