Small-Scale Industries Department (SSID)Brief History

  • Before the Second World War, SSID was formerly established as the office of   superintendent of Cottage Industries.  
  • In 1947, it had expanded as the office of Directorate of Industries and in 1952  it took  responsibility for the development of private industries.
  • In 1972, it was transferred to the Ministry of Industries, bearing with the name of Cottage Industries Corporation.On 21-2-1974, it was shifted again to the Ministry of Co-operatives.
  • The name was also changed into Cottage Industries Department on 30-3-1976.
  • In 1982, 14 weaving schools were referred from the Department of Industry, Agriculture & Vocational Training under the Ministry of Education to the Cottage Industries Department.  
  • In 1997, the structure of the department was promoted from Grade 3 upgraded to Grade 1.
  • In 2003, Lacquerware Institute under department was into Lacquerware Technology College.
  • The name of the department was changed again as the Small-Scale Industries Department on 1-4-2011.
  • On 1st January 2015, it was extended into (15) Branch Offices in Regions and  States across the country, Weaving Schools to Weaving and Vocational Schools, and Saunders’ Weaving School to Saunders’ Weaving and Vocational Institute.
  • In 2016, the department had been assigned from Ministry of Cooperatives to Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Irrigation.


            To contribute the economic development of the nation by growing small-scale industries.


            Conducting vocational training for the emergence of small-scale industries; and encouraging systematic registration


            To develop small-scale industries in producing agro products, weaving products and ten Myanma handicrafts. To support small-scale industries in upgrading their agro products and handicrafts made of natural resources into value-added ones.


            Value-added products based on agricultural products; to produce high quality handicraft products based on natural resources from small cottage industries and to produce good quality products.


Small-scale industries will be systematically registered and operated in accordance with the law.

All food, cosmetics and consumer products produced by small business registrations will be of high quality and safe.

We will lead the development of weaving industry in the including cottage industry.

Priority will be given to lacquerware and efforts will be made to revitalize ten traditional Myanmar traditional handicrafts.

In collaboration with various local and foreign organizations, we will support the development of necessary life skill to establish small-scale industries.

Strategic Thrusts

Establishing relevant laws in each Region and State throughout the country and supporting the promotion of small-scale industries.

Expanding access to small-scale industries for easy registration and technical support for food safety.

Carrying out research and development on supportive small-scale industrial equipment.

Conducting diploma and vocational skills training for the sustainable development of weaving and lacquer ware skills.

Holding Trade fairs to promote small-scale industries products market.

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