Small-Scale Industries Department (SSID)Brief History

Before the Second World War, it was established as the office of   superintendent of Cottage   Industries.  

In 1947, it was expanded into as the office of Directorate of Industries and in 1952  it took  responsibility

for the development of private industries

In 1972, it was transferred to the Ministry of Industries, bearing with the name of Cottage Industries Corporation.

On 21-2-1974, it was shifted again to the Ministry of Co-operatives. The name was also changed into Cottage

Industries Department on 30-3-1976. 

In 1982, 14 weaving schools were referred from the Department of Industry, Agriculture & Vocational Training

under the Ministry of Education to the Cottage Industries Department.  

In 1997, the structure of the department was promoted from Grade 3 to Grade 1.

The name of the department was changed again as the Small-Scale Industries Department on 1-4-2011.

According to the permission of the Republic of the Union of Myanmar, Government Office Meeting No.(2/2015) on

1st April, 2015, Ministry of Cooperatives, Small-Scale Industries Department reorganized  the total employee of

(1155) including (270) officers and (885) Staff.

On 1st January 2015, it was extended (15) Branch Offices in Regions and  States across the country, Weaving Schools

to as Weaving and Vocational Schools, Saunders’ Weaving School to as Saunders’ and Vocational Institute.

In 1924, Lacquerware College (Bagan) was started opening as Government Lacquerware Training School and in

1995, it was changed into Myanmar Lacquerware Institute and on 29-12-2003, it was reopened as Lacquerware



                     To encourage for the development of small scale industries, weaving enterprises, handicrafts including ten

                    Myanmar  Traditional  Arts and Crafts and professional careers.


1.   Conducting Vocational Training effectively and extensively for the development of livelihood.

2.   Carrying out registration and promotion of Small Scale Industries according to the Small Scale Industries

      Promotion Law.

3.   Supervising Lacquerware Technology College (Bagan), Saunders’ Weaving and Vocational Institute (Amarapura),

      Weaving and Vocational Schools and Small-Scale Industries offices of States & Regions.

4.   Providing financial and technical assistances and market potential for the development of weaving enterprises,

      handicrafts business including ten Myanmar Traditional Arts and Crafts.

5.   Providing technical assistance to the cooperative societies and small scale industries.

6.   Carrying out research and development activities for quality control of the products and to be able established

      small industries and cooperative societies.

7.   Supervising and implementing the projects with the cooperation of UN & international organizations.

8.   Enhancing the rural industry for more percapita income, rural development and poverty reduction.

9.   Analysis of Food, Cosmetic & Household products.

10. Holding seminars, workshops, exhibitions and competition for small industries.


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