Historical Background

1.1    Co-operative University, Thanlyin is located in Nyaung-thone-pin village which is both on the eastern partof Kyaikkhauk Pagoda Road and Yangon Thilawar RailwayRoad. It is also situated on the Western Part of the YangonEast University. The campus spreads (208.209 acres) of land.

1.2    Yangon Co-operative Training School was firstly founded in"Chaw-dwin-gone, Mayangon Township, Yangon Division" since 1970. After that, it was moved to Kyaikkhauk Pagoda Road, Thanlyin. Co-operative Training School (Yangon) and Co-operative Training School (Bago) were established in Central Co-operative Training School (Phaunggyi) in Hlegu Township.

1.3     With the Notification No(10/94) dated 19.5.94 of the government of the Union of Myanmar, the College wasestablished as,"Yangon Co-operative Regional College" was opened on 21.6.94 for the 1994 -95 academic year.

1.4     Then the college was upgraded to Degree College by the Notification No(17/96) dated 11.11.96 and wasrenamed as"Yangon Co-operative Degree College". It was affiliated with Yangon University. The duration of thecourse was three years. The name of the degree was called B.A (Business Science) till 2009-2010 academicyear. The degree was renamed (B.BSc) since 2010-2011 academic year.

1.5     With the Notification   No(29/12) dated 21.6.12 of the Minister Office, YangonCo-operative DegreeCollege was upgraded to Co-operative University, Thanlyin. After upgrading to university, the course for bachelor degree of business science with five specialism in which, such as Accounting & Finance, AppliedStatistics, Marketing Management, Regional Development and Social Enterprise Management, were launchedin2014-2015 academic year. These degrees will be conferred at the end of 2018.The course for post graduatediploma with specialism were launched and conferred in 2014-2015. The course for master degrees with specialism were  launched in 2015-2016 and its master degrees will be conferred at the end of 2018.


             To be an university in order to support community development by nurturing human resources that have the

             qualified social business persons with national and social spirit.


  • To train and grow up human resources needed to increase the development of socio-economic.
  • To train the youths generation to be good citizens who have critical thinking and wisdom.


  • Training the students to become educated and social youths with good moral  for  national  and  regional  development.
  • Sustaining the teaching, Learning and research environment with quality assurance.
  • Conducting  to  improve the teacher’s quality.
  • Training the younger generation to become highly-qualified entrepreneurs.
  • Performing to get   job  opportunities  for  educated  youths.
  • Providing  the  educational  knowledge to develop the co-operative business.
  • Conducting  research  programmes regularly for community development.


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