Profile of the University

University    -    Co-operative University (Sagaing)

Venue          -    Ywa Htaung , Shwe Thama quarter, East of Mandalay-Monywa- ShweBo Road

Area            -    All total area is 26.052 Acre including original area-19.70 Acre, 1.71 Acre transferred from Region Co-operative Department and 2.714 Acre for main building from Agricultural Department under Ministry of Agricultural and Irrigation and 1.928 Acre from Sagaing Cotton Gin under Ministry of Industry.

Historical Background- Transformed as follows-

(i) From 10th January 1982 to 25th August 1996 ( Kachin State, Chin State and Sagaing Region -Co-operative Training School)

(ii) From 26th August 1996 to 10th February 2012 (Co-operative College)

(iii) From 11th February 2012 - Up to now (Co-operative University)

Establishment of University

          After preliminary discussion of Vice President Dr Sai Mauk Kham in his visit to Sagaing on 5th February 2012, the Co-operative College (Sagaing) was upgraded to University level by the instruction of U Thein Sein, the President of the Republic of the Union of Myanmar in his visit to Sagaing on 11th February2012. Then the University inauguration ceremony was held on 12nd February 2012.In accordance with the official procedures , the formation of University was ratified according to the meeting (20/2012) of the government of the Republic of the Union of Myanmar on 31st May 2012 and Notification no.(29/2012) dated on 21st June 2012 of the Ministry of Co-operatives.

Distinct Features-

          The archway beautifully decorated with colorful Rainbow and grand main building

Policies of Co-opeative Univesity (Sagaing)

  • Build upon Co-operative policies, behave as self’s own properties, Practice as private enterpries, Maintain with criteria
  • Carried out for socioeconomic developments by Co-operatives
  • Carried out for economic development of the Nation by Co-operatives
  • Co-operative achievement is the top most priority rather than personal achievements.


          To become an International accredited university  which is able to producehuman resources who are qualified in socio-economics and filled with high national and social spirit.

Main Functions

1. To nature analytical  minded human resources with national and social spirits for socio-economic development.

2. To upgrade teacher’s and student’s qualification  by attaining assistances of intellectuals and organizations from local and international for sustainable development of the University.

3. To strive continuously in doing research and application of the findings practically.

4. To collaborate with organizations locally and internationally to create job opportunities for graduates.

5. To make continuous effort in designing curriculum and syllabus to meet international standards.


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