A Short History

          In 1951, the Agricultural Engineering Branchwas formed under the Department of Agriculture and started the transformation of

agricultural mechanization. It was put under the Agriculture and Rural Development Corporation and was recognized as the Agricultural

Mechanization Division in 1962. The Agricultural Mechanization Department (AMD) was organized as a separated department under the

Ministry of Agriculture and Forests on 16th March, 1972. 


          1.  To help support wholeheartedly for the socio-economic well-being of farmers by endeavoring to know their needs

                and problems arose from mechanized farming constraints.

          2.  To collaborate with farmersin transformation of conventional farming into mechanized one for the agriculture

               sector development with the establishment of AMD to be a government institution held in high esteem by farmers.


          From Conventional Farming to Mechanized Agriculture


          1.  To enhance custom hiring services for sustainable agricultural mechanization.

          2.  To collaborate with concerned farmers and private organizations for the improvement of custom hiring services

              in cooperative  societies and private sector.

          3.  To support the development of suitable crop lands and upland farm area for mechanized farming system.

          4.  To promote utilization of farm machinery and equipment in farming activities.

          5.  To collaborate with private sector for instant provisions on required spare parts and systematic repair

              of  farmer-owned farm machinery and equipment throughthe establishment of extended repair workshops

               at agricultural  mechanization stations.

          6.  To undertake the improvement of dissemination of technical know-how on agricultural mechanization and

                research  and development activities.

Organization Chart


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